Executive & Committee

All general enquiries should be directed to bateaubaydolphins@hotmail.com emails will be directed to the relevant person who will reply to you.


  •  Club President – Irene Wheele
  •  Vice President – Des Adam
  •  Secretary & MPIO – Natalie Gelwyn
  •  Treasurer – Liz Jessen
  •  Registrar – Sharon Crosdale


  • Coaches Convenor – Position Vacant
  • Umpires Convenor -Louise Rennie
  • Equipment Officer – Matthew Nicholls
  • Uniform Officer – Position Vacant
  • Disciplinary Committee – Des Adam
  • WDNA Delegates – Natalie Gelwyn & Liz Jessen
  • Presentation Co-ordinator – Jade O’Donnell
  • Fundraising Committee -Positions available, if interested, please contact the club
  • Publicity Officers –
    • Facebook: Sharon Crosdale
    • Website: Natalie Gelwyn
      If you you have any photos, reports or news that you would like on the Facebook page or the Website, please email the club

If you are interested in joining the club committee, please contact the club for more information bateaubaydolphins@hotmail.com