Score Sheets

Please take note of these important aspects in relation to the score sheet and subbing to avoid possible penalties being applied and loss of points

*All details must be provided. We especially need the grade, team names, club initials and the court. But it would be much appreciated if all spaces were filled out accurately.

* Regarding the players section; we require FULL names as registered into our system. First and last names are required.

* All players need to have detail that shows whether they’ve played or not. For those who have played, you can write ‘yes’, ‘y’ or even tick it, and for those who haven’t played, ‘no’, ‘n’ or a cross, will suffice.* All score sheets must be handed in by the end of the day on the round of competition. These can either be placed in the score sheet box which now sits in the spare room, on the left of the ramp leading to the down stair toilets in the clubhouse, or you can come upstairs and hand them in directly to us at the window. I should also note that the WINNING Team is responsible for handing in the score sheet.* Also, just as a courtesy thing, we also recommend that there is a team representative that stands with the scorer at all times. If there is a problem, we need to know during the play. This should limit the chance of conflicting scores. Whoever is the first team on the draw, it is their responsibility to score and it is their score sheet that we will accept as the official score sheet unless they have not scored. So please, ensure someone stands with the scorer at all times.