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When, Where, Who?

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BAKER PARK – Ithome Street, Wyong

WDNA Notes to all teams

Zero Tolerance –  All players, coaches & spectators must be aware that there is zero tolerance for abuse of any kind. If you have a problem on court please come upstairs to administration immediately and report the incident.

Rubbish –  Please encourage you players to use the bin for cans, take broken chairs home and take all rubbish to the nearest bin do not leave it on the ground. Fines may occur for rubbish left on courts.

Post Protectors – Make sure all post protectors are taken in after the last game on allocated courts. Fines for teams leaving post protectors out will occur.


If throughout the season you have any problems on court or court side PLEASE, have a Bateau executive called to your court FIRST .. so we can do our best to have any issue resolved promptly without the need to involve the Wyong executive.


Please contact the club ASAP ( to advise that your team is forfeiting. It is preferable that a forfeit is advised BEFORE Saturday so the appropriate people can be advised in time. The club will then pass on the information to WDNA and the appropriate club.

When advising of a forfeit please include: Team (eg. Dolphins 10), Age/Division (eg. 10C) and, if known, the club/team that you were supposed to be playing.


Unfortunately injuries happen in our sport, thankfully under Netball Australia we are insured for most injuries.

Please let the club know if you have sustained an injury that would prevent you from playing the remainder of the netball season.

If you are injured and wish to make a claim, here is the link to download the form:

If you have any questions regarding a claim, please contact V-Insurance/Netball Australia (Netball NSW) directly.


7s, 8s and non competition 9s should receive equal court time and the opportunity to play every position, per the Net Set Go Guidelines.

Competition ages should have equal court time during the regular netball season. During finals a minimum of half a game should be played by each player.

NET SET GO A Guide for Grown Ups